I am a Crazy Chicken Lady and There is No Cure

So as you may know from my last post I have chickens. I started with 4 chickens and I now have over 40. Forty beautiful birds of many different breeds, 40 little dinosaur like creatures that still fascinate me everyday.

If someone would have told me many years ago ( I am 40 years old now, which my kids think is ancient, I think age is just a number except on the days my back hurts) that I would have 40 chickens and love each and everyone of them. I would have told you, you are batshit crazy! But I guess things change and now here I am a crazy chicken lady.

This is one of our original chickens. She is now 8 years old.

As I might have mentioned previously we moved to our house 6 years ago and when we moved in the people that lived here before us left their chickens behind. One beautiful rooster and 3 lovely hens. Ameraucana chickens to be exact. I was so excited about these chickens! I had been wanting to have my own flock for sometime. So the day after we moved in I went out to the coop to collect the eggs with my egg basket in hand. I reached into the nesting box and this is the exact moment my chicken obsession began and this is exactly what I said in that moment, “Holy shit these eggs are blue!!!” Ameraucana chickens lay blue or green eggs. Obviously from my reaction you can tell I had no idea this was a thing. First I showed my husband who was mildly interested and then I spent the rest of the day googling chicken breeds and egg colours. I was in awe!

So for those that do not know and don’t feel bad it you don’t because there was a time I was in your shoes, chickens can lay eggs in the darkest chocolate brown, brown, light brown, tan, cream, light blue, sky blue, light green, sage green, dark olive green, pinkish, purplish, gray and white (obviously) and sometimes they have speckles. If your a chicken person you know the term “egg rainbow” if you aren’t let me explain. One way us chicken people show off our flocks is by showing off our egg rainbow. Seriously this is like a thing. We lay out all our eggs we have saved for a few days from darkest to lightest in the varying colours. And this my friend is your egg rainbow and trust me once you see it you realize you need a bird that lays a darker olive egg or a bird that lays a deeper blue and that my friend becomes the quest for the most beautiful egg rainbow you can develop. You see I think there is a gene that is buried deep within some of us and upon the discovery of all the chicken breeds and egg colours it awakens something and we go a little crazy. It is a blessing and a curse.

That’s not it. There is the baby chick factor. Baby chicks are maybe one of the cutest things on the planet but there is a catch though. Within four weeks they are butt ugly and I mean weird and gangly looking. Unless they are yours than they are the prettiest ugly teenager chickens ever. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t worry they will grow up and become beautiful again but what I am getting at is I begin to yearn for the baby chick stage again. The crazy chicken lady gene is strong within me. I know not everyone has this predicament but if by chance you do you know the way you have to tear yourself away from the chicks at the feed store or you have to force yourself to order only one dozen chicks when you really want two dozen or maybe three. Especially because you know your husband will kill if you tell him he has to build a bigger coop. And a tip if by chance you do find yourself in this situation pour him two to three stiff drinks before dinner (alcohol works faster on an empty stomach) then ask him about the new coop. I might know this from experience or….. who am I kidding I totally did this. Honey if your reading this, I love you.

Last but not least is chicken observing. That sounds weird but it is so addicting. My favourite pastime is letting the chickens free range and just watching them with a hot coffee in hand in the morning. I kind of become entranced. If you have a lot of stress in your life I totally recommend this. Okay so super cute side story we hatched chickens one year and only one hatched because of a incubator malfunction and she lived inside with us for months in the winter. To the non-chicken person I totally sound even crazier but on a farm this shit happens. My kids named her Fireball. This chicken is super friendly with us now and most mornings she comes and wants a sip from my coffee. She’s the best. So now that I just wrote that out and really thought about it I am afraid my chicken might be addicted to caffeine. Hmmm.

This is Fireball. The chicken addicted to caffeine.

If you are already a crazy chicken lady or man (yes there are crazy chicken men too) then you are my people, we can talk chickens anytime for hours and hours and hours on end and if you are not then I say what are you waiting for chickens are a healthy addiction. Who needs gambling, drugs and alcohol when you can have chickens.


  1. Yes ! Haha I love this so much ! Chickens chickens chickens !!! I want them all and I want all the colors !!! And all the babies too hahah .. but yes building a bigger coop for sure is our next step for next year .. I hope to get my hubby on board with it too 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. Author

      I am so glad you enjoyed it. So nice to connect with fellow chicken lovers. Lol. Don’t be afraid to bribe your husband for that coop! Steak dinners, cold beers and back rubs can do wonders. Hahaha!

  2. Yo, we might not be Chicken people, all though growing up in and around Fenwick everyone had chickens. So far we love reading about you crazy addiction and how you manipulate the Man.

  3. What breed of chicken do you have that lays the pink eggs?

    1. Author

      It is an Austalorp hen that lays an egg with a really heavy bloom.

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