The Goats

From left to right we have Pip, Dixie, Salt n Pepper and Daisy. If you don’t have goats on your farm you need to get some stat! These guys will give you hours of joy and entertainment. You do have to be prepared for some crazy goat antics though. Like goat heads stuck in buckets and your newly planted trees being eaten. Other than that though they are so much fun. Nigerian Dwarf goats are a great milk goat. I have never actually tried to milk our goats because our lives were pretty hectic at that time we bred them. I regret not giving it a shot. We are hoping to bred our goats again in the future so maybe I will give it a try then.

The Pigs

We have two pet minipigs. Aren’t they just the cutest. I was told by the breeder of these pigs that they would only reach 30 to 40lbs. Well they both weight in between 70-80 lbs now. You get the picture. Oh well, we love them just the same. They are actually sisters. The pig on the left is Charlotte but we call her Charlie and the pig on the right is Isabelle, we call her Izzy. We tend to shorten names around here. Pigs are such an intelligent and expressive animal. These two have just the sweetest personalities. I couldn’t imagine the farm without them.

— The Chickens —

Oh my the chickens! So I started out with 4 and I now have over 40 chickens. And probably by the time that you have finished this paragraph I will have gotten a few more. Just kidding!!! Chicken math is real! If your new to that term it means once you get a few your obsession will grow. You will see all the possibilities for egg colours and all the beautiful breeds and then suddenly you will be like me with over 40 chickens. But who’s counting right?

Here on Little Acre Farm we have many types of chickens. Some that lay brown eggs and some that lay white and some that lay really cool colours like blue, green, chocolate brown, pink and speckled. We have hens in all different colours and some of those are even speckled, spotted or laced. We even have polish chickens with their fancy head crests. There are some real old hens that no longer lay and have become part of our farm family and there are young birds we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their very first egg. We hatch or bring in new chicks every year. It’s all part of the fun.

Our chickens are all free range and fed organic feed. You can taste the difference! Once you have had farm fresh you can’t go back!

— The Bunny —

This is our sweet Bunny named Sandy. We think Sandy is a boy. I suck at sexing rabbits so it is possible Sandy is a girl. I think the name works for either gender so we are good. Sandy is a New Zealand/Flemish cross. He is a pretty big boy as you can tell from the second picture. Sandy’s loves nibbling on grass and other goodies that we bring him.

— The Pups —

This is our little farm dog. His name is Tank and he is a Chihuhua/Minpin. His favourite pastimes are sunbathing with our cats and chasing chickens but don’t worry too much because the chickens chase him right back. He is one year old and full of youthful puppy vigor. We love him to pieces. He helps out with chores every morning during the spring, summer and fall. Which is probably why it takes a little longer some days. Lol. When Winter hits he prefers to stay by the woodstove sleeping in the morning.

This is Eddie. He is an Australian Shepherd/Jack Russell mix. We have only had Eddie for a short time but we already love him to bits. Our other dog Tank is also enjoying having a friend. Eddie is a snuggler and he loves to give kisses. I am already seeing the Australian Shepherd tendencies in him as he tries to herd or goats. Little does he know our goats are stubborn and spoiled so he has his work cut out for him! He has been such a great addition to our homestead.

— The Cats —

We have three cats. A female tabby named Mouse, a gray and white male named Winston and a ne white and gray kitten named Simon. All three of them are extremely friendly and love pets and cuddles. Mouse is a full time barn cat. She enjoys her freedom. While Winston is an indoor/outdoor cat. Winston is a ferocious hunter. I often find lovely dead animal presents laying on my doorstep from Winston. So thoughtful of him! Simon stays indoors with us. My initial thought was to have Simon be a barn cat. But he was tiny, tiny, tiny as a kitten so we decided to keep him indoors with us for a bit. Well he bonded with our two dogs and now I can’t bear to break up the three musketeers. So for now he is staying inside with us.

Well that is the whole crew. Hope you enjoyed getting to know our little farm family.

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